Monday, January 4, 2016

The Importance of Daily Exercise for Children

Here's an anecdote that should interest all parents of young children!


The Mail Online is reporting on:

"...the 'daily mile' completed for the past three years by pupils at St Ninian's primary school in Stirling. Every day, the children walk or run a mile - it takes them about 15 minutes. The benefits have been seen in their improved concentration as well as fitness. None of the children at St Ninian's is overweight."

If only this option had been available to my children when they were young. It wasn't offered but I can wish it for other schools to adopt in the future...Obesity is a global epidemic and yet teachers could help parents do this simple task that would benefit so many children worldwide. 

Children have such a lot of energy and, like adults, are energized by exercise. Often exercise is taken in the form of competitive sports in schools, but these aren't suitable or attractive to all children. Yet most children would apparently benefit from some form of exercise, and simply walking or running should be a regular part of their schooldays. Recess is important for recharging children's batteries, but maybe giving them goals to achieve such as this would help take some of the chaos and discomfort from the process for teachers and students alike.

This really should be a part of primary schoolteacher's everyday school agendas. In fact, I think more dancing should be more regularly offered and available year-round as a part of physical education routines as well. I know this because I've used dance routines to lose almost half my weight in the past couple of years. Such great comfort can be derived from familiar dance routines, as these high school students have found in this popular video of a Canadian high school teacher and her students at her retirement.

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