Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Non-Confrontational Racial Survey Test

Related to my last post about gun control where I expressed a uniquely personal view (or so I assumed) that gun control is related to racism: behold! A new article in today's Huffington Post links to a study here  at a peer-reviewed scholarly article at PLOSOne and expresses exactly that view.

In  the article is a link to a racism survey originally from DePaul University. This helpful quiz makes it easy for readers to take this survey and test their racial attitudes in a non-confrontational way (and answers are entirely private).

The grading instructions at the bottom are meant for students but anyone can use these questions.

Spoiler alert -- Read after taking the test. Here's how to grade.

Questions 1,2,4,8:
Answer 1 is worth 4 points
3 = 2 points
4 = 1 point
In question 3:
1=3 points
2=1 point
3=2 points

Add up scores.

Lowest scores win!!!

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