Sunday, September 1, 2013

Letter to Mrs. Assad: September 1, 2013

Dear Mrs. Assad,

Internationally, Syria is known as a country headed by a despotic tyrannical dictator now being likened to Hitler, Saddam Hussein, and Mouamar Gaddafi.

In case you are unaware, it is a fact currently broadcast nationally on American television that your government has used Sarin gas. Everyone knows Sarin gas kills in ten minutes.

I can't resist writing another post imploring you to (please) exert your force and stop this tragedy in Syria. As your country's government continues to do this, you DO face international pressure to STOP.

You have already achieved international condemnation, and live in a demolished country that must be completely rebuilt.

Shame on you and your husband. I hold you two ultimately responsible.

Shelley Seymour

Had to write this after my last letters here and here.

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