Monday, February 25, 2013

Impressions of the 2013 Academy Awards

As far as the Academy Awards ceremony itself, did you notice the aggressive marketing campaign in the many short commercials by different cruise ship companies in the wake of the recent cruise ship disaster off Mexico? 

And at the same time, although I'm a fan of the First Lady, I didn't approve of her appearance however impressive and perfect at the end of the Show. It seemed to politicize what shouldn't have been a political event, or at least not a governmentally sanctioned event, even if the Awards themselves are rampant with their own kind of internal politics. Hope that trend doesn't widen.

I actually thought the presenter, Seth MacFarlane, was the best maybe ever. But the criticism by William Shatner wasn't helpful, useful, or accurate. Just saying...

I don't think it's racist to use a short word if a proper name is difficult and slow to catch on for the purposes of economy and efficiency. Many worry that Quvenzane Wallis didn't win the Best Actress Award because of her unusual and long name. I've felt guilty myself about calling the volcano with a name that I find unpronounceable in Iceland  'awful' in a previous post because that's exactly what the word sounded like when I heard it, and because I don't speak Icelandic. My point in the post was that such a long name was intimidating. But was it racist to use shorthand of a proper name as a nickname? Please let me know what you think. 

Here are some photos of the stars courtesy of the Los Angeles Times.

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