Friday, February 1, 2013

Is America Imploding? NRA Lists Enemies

The American organization, the National Rifle Association (NRA) has published a list of American organizations and celebrities they believe do not further their gun-manufacturing proliferation goals. The NRA, for my international readers, is a government lobbying group in the United States that works by scaring American politicians, by intimidating them, and winning their support through financial contributions (a.k.a. bribes).

The NRA "works" by scaring the general population with slogans, that Americans need more guns for self-defense, and that they have a right to any gun they want. Scaring Americans furthers the aims of the NRA to sell more guns. Strangely enough, they believe that by gathering names of businesses and celebrities who aren't helping them, they're winning as a public relations organization! Sounds like when Hitler published the names of Jews he didn't like in the Second World War. And we all know how wrong he proved in history.

Honestly, the NRA is just a silly, but noisy organization, capable of financing political mayhem, and financially supportive of encouraging American people to buy more guns to kill other American people. The NRA, and similar pro-weapons organizations in America that try to promote a lot of gun use, have flimsy pathetic aims that break apart under the sharp light of examination and common sense. And what could these goals possibly be?

1) They promote twisted testosterone-laden visions of total world domination.

    To counteract, I would say that the beautiful soft visions of world-renowned celebrities of both sexes they've listed have already (un)arguably achieved world domination.

2) And as for the ability to kill hundreds of people in minutes with assault rifles if they have the whim?

     The bombs of WWII killed many more than that in Japan.

3) Guns are useful for self-defense because there's supposedly the constitutional right to bear arms.

Surely there are other more rational methods of self-defense (classes in self-defense spring to mind). By the time Americans have to resort to the use of firearms, it means that all other vestiges of civil society, including conversation, have failed. And as for constitutional rights, certain sensible and experienced legal scholars want to limit or dispose of that idea.

The NRA and similar organizations are hurtful and upsetting, and no good ever comes from them. Seems to me nearly every major American business should be business enemies of the NRA, and most businesses who aren't on the list should be. For the NRA list is, at its core, anti-business, anti-government, anti-religious, anti-nearly every celebrity--and is wrong-headed and wrong-hearted.

Why would any serious business in America profess to be pro-gun proliferation except for guns and parts manufacturers? And the Second Amendment doesn't give Americans the automatic right to bear any kind of arms, as the articles below prove, and as most sensible people already know. Why Americans don't just dispose of their guns, I haven't the foggiest.

Publishing names of businesses, celebrities, and journalists who supposedly don't agree with the goals of the NRA is useless. We don't have any clear idea why these particular ones were singled out, but they're automatically my friends, if true. The point is, calling them enemies is not a productive use of any organization's time and energy.

Can you imagine the United States being a nice place to live if real estate agents perceived people who won't sell houses as their enemies and published lists of their names? Or if any business, for that matter, published the names of people who do not like their products, who will not want to go along and buy them, and further, went ahead and singled out individuals and called them enemies? Businesses would break down and implode....just as Germany imploded and took years to recover when Hitler outlawed Jews and began the Second World War. Hasn't America learned enough about intimidation? Or is it going to start another civil war, the Second Civil War?

As a real estate agent myself, I am terrified of the idea of entering a house with guns. I have seen them in Broker's Open Houses, it's true, but these aren't desirable possessions, in my view. If the aim is self-defense, they have only one purpose, and that is to shoot someone. Weapons aren't productive properties to own if possessions have to earn their keep. They take up valuable household space if they're securely stored, and the news media repeatedly assures me they often aren't stored properly and accidents happen. The same accidents wouldn't happen without weapons.

And, I'd like to point out to Americans, finally, that for many millions of people who don't live in the United States, America doesn't sound like a very safe and desirable place to live. That's a delusional idea Americans use to comfort themselves. I'm just thankful the NRA didn't list my name.

Here's the NRA list of over 500 names. Here's scholarly opinion on limiting the Second Amendment, and more recently here and here.

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