Thursday, January 10, 2013

Offer An Olive Branch of Peace

Hearing Piers Morgan fight against pro-gun extremists makes me think about my own views. Turns out, I agree with him and would strengthen anti-gun laws much further.

We don't hear enough about the anti-weapon side--totally banning firearms in favor of peace, preservation, and longevity.

This blog is on the side that doesn't believe the Founding Fathers believed that guns belong in homes. That's not the message they wanted to leave behind on the Second Amendment and some legal Constitution scholars agree with me.

(And yes, my pedigree goes back to Connecticut and Massachusetts, and I'm even an American Patriot, so this is my opinion.)

I'm agitating in my own small way on this blog in the direction of personal peace, kindness, and goodness---not in the direction of evil in the form of aggressive personal offense, fact-twisting, and revenge. The latter are attitudes faking as rationales for military-level household defense within America. In this war on weapons, they're counter-productive and anger-inducing. America must have descended into tragic violence if everyone should have military-level assault rifles, making it anything but a Free Country.

Just nuts in the words of President Clinton.

“No one is challenging NRA members' right to own guns,” Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, a New York Democrat said." Huffington Post

Excuse me, Rep. McCarthy, but I most humbly am making exactly that point consistently in posts on this site.

 I've been pushed in the direction of banning guns entirely, because I know in my heart that countries without widespread ownership of guns have: 

  1. fewer deaths and injuries from weapons,
  2. greater human longevity, 
  3. higher overall levels of education, 
  4. better and more inclusive healthcare for everyone, and 
  5. more safety and security in homes and businesses. 
Any assertions to the contrary are outright, jealous lies unsupported by facts and physical experience.

Unlike me, they, or someone taking care of them, have been PAID by the gun industry somewhere in their pasts to be quiet and muzzle the truth.

What can gun owners do? 

Easy. Be strong. Don't have or own guns. If you have one, you know what to do to dispose of it. Get rid of your weapons, all of them. How many ways are there to say it? 

Throw them away. Tip your guns and weapons. Tip all of them. I, for one, wish you would. I believe one gun is too many in a house. Shouldn't be there, doesn't belong.

Turn the other cheek. Offer an olive branch of peace. Find layers of subtle complexity in the world. Dream of peace. Make me proud. If you don't agree, please don't comment and ruin my sleep...Find your own platform. I'll delete it anyway. And thank you for reading this far.

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