Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Popular Support For Anti-Gun Enforcement

Lately, I've been writing here on this site to try to end violence by guns and heavy weapons in America. Globally, most citizens would find a goal like that a no-brainer and pretty mild and unambitious.

Not here in America. In response, my facebook page, my Huffington Post feed, and my Linked In site were compromised by an outside hacker, and I've had to change my passwords.

So, let me say, such a mild goal has its own peculiar set of consequences here in America, where free speech is supposedly a human right. A legal right....

From NBC-TV, New York State has bravely proposed restricting guns, and I applauded when I heard it. In fact, my readers know I want guns banned. Requiring temporary permits to own firearms, like hunting permits, would help cut down gun ownership.

And here's an incredible statistic taken from a gun study (before such studies were stopped twenty years ago in America by pro-firearms groups).... David Frum, on CNN, repeated what I'd heard on the radio taken from a study that was actually released:

 A gun kept in the house is 43 TIMES more likely to kill a member (of the household) than to be used in self-defense. 

That's right. If your parents have a gun, remember they're 43 times more likely to kill each other and you than an intruder into your house.

Think of it that way, and think of the little children who died in Connecticut, for all the people who die every day from gun violence. And don't wait. Please, for me, ask gun owners to dispose of their gun or guns.

Instead, think about pursuing milder hobbies. Much better hobbies are out there to have than hunting, even if those old guns were inherited. Buy a camera and go hiking, go canoeing and swimming. But don't try the guns out near you....

NOT if you want to LIVE.

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