Wednesday, January 16, 2013

American States Have Scrappy Gun Laws and Some States Have None!

Would like to change the topic away from gun violence, which I've been writing about recently.

But I found an amazing interactive page about guns and weapons, so I must return to that overwhelmingly urgent topic. It's published by The Guardian, the British newspaper here. (We can't get this information for ourselves in the United States anywhere.)

The point is, in most states, lax gun oversight shows up as none in this interactive graph. Not a single state conforms to the weapons regulations of other civilized western countries. Most of the southeast, and many western states do not have any gun regulations, according to this article.

I really hope not to focus all the time on guns on this blog. It's not fun to write about, and I avoid writing about politics, and especially criticizing America. I've tried to avoid politics in this blog. And now it seems like I'm sort of straying into politics...but I don't want to. This topic of gun violence has stayed out of the spotlight of political partisanship, and it's time to do something to mitigate that neglect. We're finding out how much the research into gun violence itself has been restricted by gun lobby groups. And gun violence research sorely needs to be done and to see the light of day. The increasingly wild and personal accusations of pro-gun groups defy logic and experience of an international variety.

The President tightened restrictions on guns on Wednesday, January 16, 2013, an historic day in my mind, and brought tears to my eyes to see him caring about gun violence, signing laws, and actively trying to do something about it. It's good and appropriate that he should do so. Honestly, I hope God blesses that man, he has done so much work. After all, what prize can surpass the Nobel Peace Prize, a prize he already has?!

And the other side, including the judiciary and gun violence researchers have all shown advanced signs of neglect on their watches, and kowtowed to pro-gun lobby groups against all reason...People wouldn't kill people as much if they didn't have guns. Time to stop even thinking of guns for self-defense. We have our words. And the ideas of the pro-gun lobby are to me: silly, reactionary and illogical. How can anyone believe them?

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