Friday, December 14, 2012

More Needless Gun Violence

Gun violence again shattered the somnolent peace of the countryside, this time in an elementary school in Connecticut. Almost thirty people have perished today needlessly at the hands of a gunman with an assault weapon.

Yes, guns are allowed. It's a free and open-spirited country. And yes, one person was crazy enough to do it. But just because guns are available doesn't mean they should be allowed and given as a gift from a parent to a child. Yet this is what happened today.

Lisa Belkin, formerly of The New York Times, says in The Huffington Post that it's a parenting issue, but it's bigger than that, much bigger. It's everyone's issue because it's a societal issue. Innocent lives were lost---maybe the next generation's Einstein or Hillary Clinton died. 

America has far more violence than other countries. People around the world heard about it. Anyone with the delusion that America has gun violence in the same exact proportion as other countries doesn't have the facts at hand. Crazies in America have much easier access to guns.

A Few Facts For Unbelievers

For every person who dies in America from a gunshot wound this year, two others are wounded. The lives of many others are changed by these deaths and injuries. Gun violence touches every segment of society because of the flagrant availability of guns.

The Vietnam War in twenty years killed 58,000 American soldiers, and yet that same number is less than the number of civilians killed with guns in the United States in an average two year period.

In the first seven years of the US-Iraq War over 4,400 American soldiers were killed. Yet the same number of civilians are killed by gun violence in America every seven weeks.

Gun violence accounts for deaths by homicide (murders), assaults with deadly weapons, suicide, and unintentional deaths and injuries. In 2010, unintentional firearm injuries killed 606 people in the United States, and guns killed over 14,000 people in 2011. Suicides using guns among teenagers and the elderly are higher in the United States than anywhere else in the world.

Of unintentional shootings, eight percent were done by children under the age of six, according to the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

America Leads the World in Gun Violence

Indisputable evidence indicates repeatedly that the United States has the highest rate of gun-related injuries in the world.

Contrary to popular belief, studies have found that safe-storage laws do not affect gun violence rates (W) of suicides and juvenile accidental deaths.

The cost of gun violence is estimated at USD$100 billion annually for emergency medical care and associated psychological trauma.

Time to Be Civilized

Why not have much stricter gun control? The time to take action is now. America has a disastrous gun control policy. It's wrong to make guns as easily available to households as they are now. They don't work efficiently for personal defense, and should be governed by stricter policies.

 It's time to ban assault rifles at the very least, and get rid of handguns. The militia has enough weaponry to keep people safe inside and outside the country. If guns are purchased, after all, they'll likely be used. Otherwise, why go to the expense?

Ethically, there isn't any American justification or excuse to forgive any kind of killer, mass killers, and serial murderers. Our consciences tell us all that today's news was unnecessary. Mental health or illness should not serve as an excuse to explain and forgive murders of innocents.

Mass killers are among the most obvious examples of the mentally ill in society, and they shouldn't have access to guns.  The mentally ill, if delusional about dangers, are surely more likely to purchase guns than the general population rather than less given the opportunity. We're all going to die eventually, so why hasten the inevitable and encourage gun violence by making guns and rifles so readily available?

Make America a safer and more secure place for everyone to live and work. Time to be more civilized and outlaw guns, concealed weapons, handguns, and assault rifles.

This kind of crime is certain to occur again. The killer's dead, and only 25% of Americans favor gun control. Americans won't show they care if stricter legislation isn't passed.

Lose the guns, guys and gals. You will live a longer, gentler, safer, kinder life and feel less anger and profanity. That's my experience, and my promise.

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