Friday, December 21, 2012

NRA Has Blood on Its Hands

Now it appears that pro-weapon adherents the National Rifle Association of America (NRA), and other pro-gun lobby groups, are finally coming out into the media with eyes blazing hot with aggression after turning down earlier requests to appear following the shooting of twenty-eight people in a small primary school in Connecticut.

The NRA alone is bankrolled by an over three-hundred million dollar budget PER YEAR. And in the last week they've been getting their message act together. The supposedly fancy idea that the NRA is trying to blast through our consciousness is supposed to be, drum roll please: Every elementary school should payroll a security guard paid for by OUR taxes!!! If this isn't the most stupid, reckless idea that some kind of highly-paid consultancy outfit could come up with, I don't know what is...Don't these shooters and pro-shooters know that education takes place in many areas of life, and classrooms exist all over the country?

All of these riflers and gun-toters and association members and those who enable them need to become more educated and informed of the truth that most of us already know factually and experientially, and realize that the way to go is not "a gun for a gun"...any more than buying an anti-car to destroy a car, or an anti-computer to destroy a computer, would stop sales of cars or computers. So the associations are clearly working to sell more guns and help the weapon industry survive. There can't be any other explanation. They need to help the gun industry, they argue, because guns last for generations and get handed down. They think we won't have any rights left if we don't allow weaponry for private defense.

But what is there left to defend that is valuable and intrinsically unique to America? A house that costs the same after almost twenty years, like mine was, even though I "invested" twice the price of the house in repairs?...Or the financial system, where the American economy is owned by Asia?...Or how about health insurance, where private insurance won't cover many episodes and tests?...Or job security, where there isn't any? Or, take security, where we're told by these gun clubs that the proliferation and easy availability of guns will lead to lifestyles of greater security? Who cares about those who are small-minded enough to actually believe guns defend America? If guns defend America, and not philosophy and lifestyle, I pity and feel sorry for the future military state of the country. General Petraeus, before he was shown to make a human error, almost ran for office and would have appointed military men like him, and the Republicans almost hijacked the voting process to disallow those less likely to vote against them.

And good riddance if weapons and weapon-makers disappear...The military will survive quite well and is one of the rare wings of the American government with reliable financial support.

Political figures are assassinated by weapons of various kinds, and sometimes they're killed despite the best practices in security technologies. Where there's a will, there's a way, and where someone has the desire to kill, that desire is going to have more chance of being successful depending on the attendant availability and accuracy of the weaponry.

An easy way to cut back on violence is not to use guns. If guns aren't anywhere around, they can't be used. Make sense? Don't tell me it doesn't. It's obviously, absolyoutely true.

I am not in any way bankrolled by anyone to make these peace-loving remarks, and the gun lobby is a thousand times more bankrolled than their opposition--simply peace-loving individuals like me. I haven't any proof whatsoever that the associations have any interest whatsoever in promoting peace as a conscious objective. In their policy and mission statements, they seem to have more interest in provoking anger and violence and gun sales, than in having an open, carefree, peace-loving society with open classrooms and fields. And shame on them. HUGE SHAME. Blood is on their hands. 

Those who tend to be pro-guns also tend to use blasphemy and carry guns, and they offend me personally...I don't like them as individuals, and feel immensely sorry for them on a personal level. They are uneducated in, unhelpful to, and ignorant of, a peaceful existence. I feel sorrow for their pathetically misguided pro-gun stance, and anger at their deluded aggression and power by brute force. They simply can't be branded as individuals worthy of my trust.

And I will keep writing for the peace that I want and say what I wish to say voluntarily.... And saying nonsensical arguments pro-gun isn't going to help society become more peaceful, so there's no point in wasting energy saying them in comments or trying to change my mind. Thanks for reading my harmless, free outburst of aggression in favor of stricter gun control. 

Turn in your weapons, please, or dispose of them, along with saddening, sickening pictures of  aggressive killings. Weapons, hunting, and shooting aren't noble. And personally, I don't think gun ownership is at all NICE. Guns don't belong in nice houses.

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