Sunday, December 30, 2012

Census: Fascinating Night View of America and Southern Canada

Pop. U.S.: 308 Million 
Pop. Canada: 34.5 Million
Lit up: This image provided by NASA shows the similarities between the dotted Census map and this satellite image released by the U.S. space agency

Courtesy: B. Martin-Anderson

Each dot represents a person. Population is noticeable to the east of a line to the north and south of Houston, Texas. Lower population in the western states is evident, with the exception of the far west coast and a few urban centers.


  1. Could the time difference between the east coast and the west could have had an impact on the number of lights lit? I feel like this picture shows a pretty dramatic contrast.

  2. Good point, I wonder when it was taken? If I find out, I will leave the answer. Thanks.