Friday, November 23, 2012

Take an Enjoyable Word-Test Quiz

Here's another wonderful site to add to your personal favorite list of websites.

Whether you are experienced in English and it is your first language. English may be the first and the last language you will learn. In any case, this site will help keep you on your toes.

It's published by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary and is a word-tester. Each quiz has ten questions and each question needs to be answered within ten seconds to win points. Each question has four multiple choice answers of one word each to define a quiz word. Questions are worth different amounts of points, but it's a painless and fun way to improve your vocabulary. Even if you think you have English vocabulary nailed, it's fun and worthwhile. As a result, you can compare your personal proficiency to your age group, in case you're feeling competitive in the least. And there are other word-tests on the same site to try. Good luck, and enjoy!

It's here at the Merriam-Webster Dictionary site:

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