Monday, September 17, 2012

Saudis Are Misguidedly Planning "Cities for Women"

Saudis are taking sex segregation to the extreme. For the supposedly virtuous goal of "educating" women, Saudis have submitted plans to build the first "city for women" with several more planned. And men will not be welcome.

Yet women like to live with men, and men like to live with women. To forcibly separate the sexes is unnatural. Is it bound to fail in the long run or will it help Saudi Arabia be a stronger country?

The problem in Saudi Arabia has arisen that educated Saudi women are leading the country. The powers that be want to keep the women within the country, so are constructing a place for them to live.

Is this really the way to go about it? Of course, westerners don't think so...

While women in the Western World have argued for equality for generations--with mixed success--they have continued to live with men. They need men.

I suppose the idea is that the country as a whole will be stronger if these educated women are kept within the country by choice. Men will only be visitors.

Just saying, I think the idea is unnatural and short sighted. I hope this experiment fails, for I personally wouldn't want it to spread.

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