Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Incomplete, Possibly Inaccurate List: American TV Anchor Salaries

Here's a post where I'm relying on the facts from another source for the rumored salaries of television anchors, but I can't check them. They may be "wildly inaccurate". Surprising if true. Just to give you a general impression.

Here's a quick summary. For pictures and more information please see this article at Newsweek/The Daily Beast.

Anderson Cooper -- CNN -> $11 Million (fan)
Piers Morgan -- CNN -> $6 Million (dislike and rarely watch). Wonder how much Larry King made before him.
Wolf Blitzer -- CNN -> $3 Million (long-time fan, thought he made more than A. Cooper)
Erin Burnett -- CNN formerly CNBC -> $2 Million (big fan)

Andrew Ross Sorkin -- CNBC -> $250,000 (watch)
Becky Quick -- CNBC -> $250,000 (huge fan)
Joe Kernan -- CNBC -> $250,000 (dislike)

Diane Sawyer -- ABC -> $12 Million (never watch)
Robin Roberts -- ABC -> $6 Million (never watch)
George Stephanopolos -- ABC -> $5 Million (never watch)

Charlie Rose -- CBS -> $8 Million (rarely watch)
Scott Pelley -- CBS -> $5 Million (never seen or heard of him)
Gayle King -- CBS -> $2 Million (never watch)

Matt Lauer -- NBC -> $25 Million (never watch, dislike)
Al Roker -- NBC -> $7 Million (never watch)
Savannah Guthrie -- NBC -> $2 Million (never watcg, promoted recently).

Chris Matthews -- MSNC -> $5 Million (never watch, heard the name)
Joe Scarborough -- MSNBC -> $4 Million (never watch, heard the name)
Ed Schultz -- MSNBC -> $4 Million (never have seen or heard of him)
Mika Brzezinski -- MSNBC -> $2 Million (never watch, famous father)

Sean Hannity -- $15 Million -> FOX (have never seen or watched, but heard the name)
Bill O'Reilly -- FOX -> $20 Million (never have watched, heard the name)
Shepard Smith -- FOX -> $10 Million (never have seen or heard of this guy)
Bret Baier -- FOX -> $7 Million (never have seen or heard of this guy)
Fox & Friends Crew -- FOX -> $2 Million each (who are these people? never watch)

To review:

  • Women get paid less than men in general. Wonder what determines salaries.
  • Networks with many advertisements (and Fox) give anchors highest multi-million-dollar salaries. 
  • Missing in the list...Katie Couric, Sue Romans, Maria Bartiromo, Sue Herrera, Bill Griffeth, and many more. Sorry.

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