Sunday, July 22, 2012

American Politicians Lack Political Will and Courage on Gun Control

An article I just read had wonderful statistics about gun violence.

1) "The average American is forty (40) times more likely to be killed by gunfire than the average Englishman or Canadian." 

2) Another statistic is that "8,500" more people in America "would be alive today" if the murder rate were the same as Canada or England.

3) Even worse, since the year 2000, more than "100,000 Americans might still be alive today" but they were murdered. Just to emphasize, in England and Canada, the equivalent in the population of those 100,000 people are still alive.

It's time for American politicians to remember to focus, not to allow themselves the luxury of distraction if they have earned the luxury of power. Safety and security of the populace should be goals they struggle to work toward.

Many Americans have died, and will continue to do so if nothing is done to end this civil gun war. Everyone is a potential target. Politicians have the power to do something about it collectively, if they are brave and wealthy enough for the task. It's not enough to do nothing. It's now up to politicians to put this genie back in the bottle, and time for the populace to let the nightmare dissolve.

How shameful are these statistics, Americans? If the availability of assault weapons has nothing to do with these statistics, the assumption can be drawn internationally that Americans must be far more murderous by nature, education, and socialization. Honestly, as these statistics prove, individual gun ownership promotes societal anarchy and civil disobedience. Guns should not be necessary in a civilized society. 

The American National Rifle Association (NRA), a harmful organization and website, narrowly contends statistics like these have nothing to do with the proliferation of guns.  It's a dangerous advertising slogan, and completely false.

Americans need to know that the NRA's major slogan, the idea that anyone can bear arms is supported by the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, is blatantly untrue and unpatriotic. It was created solely to build a basic police force and military in America, and absolutely did not legally justify and promote widespread individual gun ownership.

The truth, in my research, is that the NRA has historically marketed and repeated an utterly false tenet of the Anti-Federalists, an unpatriotic and disloyal American splinter group of the late 1700s whose purpose was to encourage the individual to bear arms.

This fantasy of the freedom of the individual to bear arms, that has become such a central policy of the NRA, historically originated from a tiny unpopular group in American history ultimately defeated and voted out way back then, a group called the Anti-Federalists, as small and obscure as today's IRA, Basques, or Quebec separatists.

The NRA has changed, extended, and marketed this fantasy of the individual's right to bear arms and promoted it as historical fact in their advertising, but it's an untrue fact. False advertising, NRA!!!

How dare politicians policy shrug off responsibility, allow a weak lapse of governance, and refuse to protect all of us in America? Why aren't they protecting America better? Who is protecting them? Who is encouraging them to be so weak and cowardly? Are they puppets financed by the NRA, a shadow organization with no scientific teeth, no moral or historic justification, and lessening popular support?

For such small fry, these modern-day Anti-Federalists "right-to-bear-arms people" in the NRA and elsewhere certainly are noisy. Wrong and ignorant, too. It's never been considered good, nice, helpful, and wise to have a gun in the home. These basic statistics provide irrefutable evidence they do more harm than good and should be banned.

People kill people, to be sure. Nuclear bombs kill people, don't they? Firearms and guns kill people, too. Yes, of course, they do.

With thanks to Huffington Post's article "Guns Don't Kill" by Geoffrey Stone, Professor of Law, University of Chicago.

UPDATE: Here's another important article called "American Gunceptionalism" also by Geoffrey Stone. Personally, I hope he keeps playing the same tune.

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