Monday, May 21, 2012

The Importance Of Online Learning

There isn't any need to feel guilty about spending time on the internet. Our computers have become the new mecca where we can find almost unlimited resources. When we do one thing, we are not doing another, but we should try to find the best way to allocate our time. It's truly our most precious resource.

Read from new sites around the internet. Learn more about your personal interests. Become more well-read about world events. Google people you know and don't know, and discover interesting experiences others have had that can help you. Now is the time to learn everything you have always wanted to know but did not dare to ask parents, family, teachers, or anyone else by making use of the internet.

Socialize, too, of course, but allow time to grow and nurture the places within yourself in desperate need of attention. We all have areas we need to improve upon. Be humble enough to know it, and feel gratitude for all the benefits surrounding us in our daily lives.

Our minds are hungry and thirsty for knowledge. We need sound minds in sound bodies. Life isn't only about getting ahead for oneself. It's truly important to expend your efforts for others, to help at the appropriate time and in the best possible fashion.

When I awoke this morning, and noticed my familiar electronic appliances awaiting my attention, I thought of how much our lives have changed, fortunately for the better. If we control computers and use them as our slaves, we'll discover how much greater personal growth and higher learning benefits us as long as we don't allow computers to dominate us as human beings.

Passing through the day, I marveled again how much our world has changed and how important it is to keep moving ahead, and not fall behind. facebook - an online business focused on friendship and goodwill, without any visible products, funded by online advertisements - went public and made its founders fortunes. What would our great-great-great grandparents have thought of the idea as an investment?

I've been feeling very guilty about falling back on the frequency of my posts recently because of moving and all the annoying tiredness brought on my unpacking and the various employment hats I wear, as writer, and recently a real estate agent. This online newsletter is a purely voluntary effort on my part. When I look back at the over seven hundred posts in my blogs, I think of how much fun it's been to write them. If I can help one person answer a question they've had, it will all have been worth the time and effort. While I can't seem to stick to a schedule...some days I write three posts, and then am too busy for a few days to write another...I hope my readers forgive me, and use these words for personal purposes. If we all shared what we know, then we'd all know more.

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