Tuesday, May 22, 2012

American Foes of Healthcare Reform Exaggerate Costs, Should Apply Perspective

Certain Republican pundits are currently discussing religion and politics in America without admitting they are pushing political agendas and want certain people elected as ulterior motives. I see that they are mixing politics and religion, saying the two have always historically been held closely together, in America.

According to them, hospitals should instill practical religious principles when caring for patients. These self-professed experts want "religious" hospitals to follow their religious faith as they see it, rather than "politics" of the day, if they see a conflict. Then they conflate politics, religion, and science and the result sounds hilariously crazy.

Yet any biblical expert with opposing points of view could find phrases in the Bible to overturn the ideas of these ridiculous, self-styled "experts"...

They perceive science is anti-religious and unhelpful without respect for non-partisan medical principles and practices. They insist on imposing (dumping) their half-baked ideas on others, calling their partisan views "religious" and prefer that medical care be withheld by guilting others, and then twisting them into a paternalistic Republican agenda point.

If a doctor doesn't think a woman should use birth control for religious reasons, for example, according to these politicos, the doctor should tell her to find another doctor and another hospital and persuade her not to use birth control - without offering her a safe and certain alternative when one already exists for her use in just such a situation.

What would happen if hospitals decided not to treat those of different colors and religious faiths? Where would these very same pundits get their medical treatments?

Let's hope they don't lead hospitals into believing their ridiculously anti-scientific attitudes.

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