Monday, April 23, 2012

Worthy Interiors

Easton Neston, Northampton, England

The venerable Architectural Digest has pictures online, and has photos of impressively-renovated Easton Neston, a former royal residence near Northampton, England.

Map of Northampton, England 

This is my idea of a beautiful interior, since it doesn't intimidate me the way some modern properties do. The entire appears comfortable and cozy. The incredible garden by itself, however, must require incredible maintenance.

The interior utilities have been been tastefully renovated, and I especially admire the kitchen. The kitchen can often be overlooked but is the most difficult in a house to refurbish. The result is a certain perfection rarely seen in the present day, when some consider carved woods a manifestation of slave labor rather than an art form.

For further interior design excitement, you might try Houzz, a new site rocking the design community with photos of thousands of home interiors. Well worth a few moments of your time, it's hard not to spend untold stolen minutes on this time-friendly site.

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