Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Letter to Mrs. Assad

Dear Mrs. Assad ~

You are involved in the making of news in Syria, and you can influence your country's leader as few in the world can.

I'm only an observer of the news, I don't make it, and I don't like to hear the trouble in your country.

I saw Barbara Walters interview Bashar. I saw a rich, privileged kid grown up, probably privately educated. I've heard you call him 'beautiful'.

Yet there is nothing 'beautiful' about the regime he heads that he denies is killing people.

He has no future with the respectable Western majority, and your name is now out in public about your involvement in the genocide and mass murders. Your emails will be exposed.

Please give yourselves up. Do it for me, for all of us who are subjected to the unnecessary violence in Syria we see on television and on the internet, everywhere we get current news.

Your husband's a tyrannical, despotic, dictatorial leader of a military machine that is doomed to failure, and you've been shown to be part of it, too!

You can help stop the mass, indiscriminate destruction we all know is happening to your country.


(Updated Mar 19/12)

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