Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Problem With Syria


Syria, a country about the size of North Dakota, is presenting an interesting problem to other world leaders. Interesting outside the country, but brutal and life-threatening to its own citizens.

It made me, and probably many people, wonder why the United States, or any other country, hasn't done anything effective yet to stop the bloodshed.

 Here's the written transcript of the country's leader being interviewed by Barbara Walters, and he sounds very elite and well-educated. He totally denied any wrongdoing. An article I have just read compares him to Hitler and similar genocidal leaders of the past.

The real answer, according to a reliable source who will not allow himself to be named is, it's not because of his lineage, or his beautiful, computer scientist wife (an Englishwoman with a Syrian doctor father), but because the United States is looking at Egypt. They are seeing the chaos that ensued after  the end of President Mubarak's leadership. Egypt has descended into chaos despite so-called military leadership, and hasn't made a peaceful transition to democratic leadership. American leaders believe  having a despot ruling a country works better than having chaos. How can Egypt make a peaceful transition?

Back to Syria, it's a waste on almost every imaginable level to see a civil war raging from afar. I can only hope and wish the Syrian problem will soon be over. My heart goes out to innocent victims of Syrian violence and bloodshed.

Russia is pursuing diplomatic channels...the European Union might sanction...Turkey is watching and waiting.

Will America react with force if provoked?

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