Sunday, December 11, 2011

Music Relaxes More than Massage in Scientific Studies

Why not consider listening to music when you have an excess of tension and need to relax?

Many musicians have created "yawnfests"and they make wonderful lullabies. Some say they listen every evening, so this music, not surprisingly, has become popular for its therapeutic benefits.

One of them, called "Weightless" using biofeedback in laboratory studies, relieved tension by an astonishing sixty-five percent in women. That result alone makes it more effective and relaxing than a massage! Sustained tones, chimes, bring peace. The listener gets out of the way and relaxes at a deep level. Even better is to be able to listen in the bath, in bed, at the computer, wherever.

Apart from not listening while driving, how harmless can it be to listen to relaxing music with physiological effects on the brain? Better than another drink, I would assert.

Which music, of any era, do you find most relaxing---religious music, eastern, classical music, decades-old music?

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