Thursday, October 13, 2011

Shame On Republican Disablers of Female Power

Shame on those ugly elitist tramps swinging through Washington, and calling themselves politicians.

Women are going to die on floors of botched abortions because of their mistakes, according to former Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Another law in this over-litigated society called the "United States" of America is going to hurt women.

This has been a hard week for women internationally, however the news is sliced, diced, or spread...Beautiful Mme.Tymoshenko of Ukraine, with her adorable blond braid, sentenced to jail for seven years, despite achieving a pact to provide heating in freezing winter months for her people. What's up with that aberration of justice?

And that actress in Iran who was sentenced to death...for ACTING?

We hear about those Ugandan child murders on the rise...

It makes me wonder how on earth American Republican men (and they are primarily men) expect women to put up with their gross misjudgments. Of course, Republican men passed a law against women. They shouldn't have had any say in abortions in the first place.


Let's hope the British government does the right thing and allows women to succeed the British throne. As if Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth weren't the United Kingdom's longest running monarchs, if memory serves.

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