Wednesday, October 12, 2011

On Yoga and Kirtan Chanting

My incredibly gifted yoga instructor at a recent  retreat  in northern Vermont was a top American yogini, or should I say a guru, precious Lilavati, owner of "Temple of the Lotus" a yoga center near Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia.


She has been learning yoga since the age of 15 and  has perfected her Ayurvedic practices ever since...She taught us yoga for hours each day. She now has lots of oils and nectars available at her website to use "as a protective sheath from Vatas dry chilling energy"  available to buy.

Best of all, for us, were her intensive training classes to yoga teachers around the country. I am hoping to use her special recipes to enhance my "strength, grounded~ness, health, and balance during the winter months." Be sure to contact her studio "Temple of the Lotus" where she teaches yoga, and talks about doshas and balance and  other such important yoga principles.

"Temple of the Lotus" Philadelphia's Ayurvedic Sanctuary is at 1527 South Street, Philadelphia, PA 19146 email: 

Before I went to the writer/yoga retreat, I became convinced in my own mind I would fail at it. Lilavati assured me no one fails Yoga...If I can do a little yoga, anyone can!!!

Of course, I like yoga for the stress-reduction benefits, and "for positive effects on sleep anxiety, quality of life, and spiritual growth" W. Tranquility is, for anyone, a positive goal.  
Yoga also has a grand goal of freedom from illness, old age and death...As a physical, spiritual and mental discipline, however, yoga is a useful adjunct to our busy lives. I recommend it when you have the opportunity.

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