Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Few Random Questions

Here are some ordinary, every day questions on varied topics....

  • Why don't people generally say they are sorry if they've made a mistake? Are they busy and forgot, or are they afraid it is a sign of weakness?

  • When people have good cell phone reception, how much better are their relationships than if they have poor reception, especially if they are not conscious of the importance of the quality of the phone lines?  

    • Why are Afghans angry if their teenagers want to play together?

    • Why does American society, as a whole, play dead to bigger crimes and make innocents pay the costs of justice - which may or may not happen?

    • Why is the head of the Tea Party holding up the two sides of the debt debate from making a settlement if, as she said on CNN, she is neither Republican nor Democrat, or even elected? 

    •  Why did Michele Bachmann say she will try to impeach the President when any agreement on the debt debate is a joint decision made by many people from both parties?
    • Why can the 'buying pool' of my 'house for sale' in America only afford to rent not buy, time after time???

    I don't think they have short answers.

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