Sunday, May 8, 2011

Look Around And Dig Deep

“The idea that Scandinavian crime writers have something in common is a myth." 
Jo Nesbo, writer

That idea is clearly true in many professions besides writing. Anyone can write. Not every writer can write well.

Mathematicians, too, I would say, have nothing in common except their knowledge and interest in mathematics, at least until they discover their similarities.

Members of the same family can grow up and be very different. As we mature, we gradually express uniquely individual strengths. It has ever been thus.

As we celebrate our diversity today on Mother's Day, we need to embrace the idea we are more alike than we are different.

It's good and useful that we enjoy our various specialities, however narrow. By pursuing a variety of several strong interests, we can diversify our inner capabilities and strengths.  Only by trying new skills can we achieve our potential as human beings. Keep busy doing anything, almost, and you will find it can provide the motivation to keep living.
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Spring Scene in Lawrence Township, New Jersey

Look around and dig deep. Here in my home state of New Jersey, this month is a heavy month for gardeners, and all around the northeastern part of the United States for that matter.  Vines, weeds, and perennials thrive in abundance. Bushes, trees and grass are greening up, and the sun is shining warmly and telling us to venture outside. 

Life is precious. As you go out and enjoy yourself, remember you have been loved.  Incredible attention has been invested in each and every one of you beginning at your birth and earliest days! Isn't that amazingly miraculous? 

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