Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This is a summary of my 72,000-word novel. I am trying to decide whether to self-publish it, and would entertain overtures. If you are an agent or publisher, and would care to see a partial or full manuscript, please contact me at "When Love is Enough" explores the inner lives of four fictional New Jersey women in their thirties in the space of a year. Finance, health care and technology intersect with emotions lovingly detailed in this heart-warming story of romance and suspense. When Biz, a beautiful, well-known financial journalist accelerates her social life, she makes many interesting new friends along the way. After a series of mysterious misfortunes, high-tech surveillance saves her from an unexpected stalker when she travels abroad. But which one of the men in Biz's life successfully wins her love? We meet Biz's friends and their families: Tina, a married doctor faces exhausting challenges at home and the office; Heather, a real estate writer and perfectionist, changes her lifestyle to suit her family and worries whether she should have left the city; Sandy, a high-powered computer scientist, has a career but secretly insecure, wonders if that's all there will be to her life. Lifestyles they have depend on whether they are career-fired singles, or married, busy working and raising a family. Their experiences and choices potentially change our own attitudes to the quintessentially modern mix of work and family. They discuss socially relevant issues: control of personal finances, gender disparities, role expectations, health issues. We see our characters cope with work overload, loneliness and geographical separations. We learn everyone truly wants to love and be loved; the perils of getting what you want. They find to attain true happiness and satisfaction in life you must want what you get. Independence is a muscle in continual need of exercise, but we all have to work hard together to solve our problems. "When Love is Enough" explores and develops these ideas in new ways. Travel adventures set in California, Canada, England, France, Italy, Greece and Turkey contrast with spectacular homes set in dreamy, affluent western New Jersey.

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