Sunday, October 3, 2010

Telephone Repairmen Have Most Solid Marriages On Average
According to Business Insider, divorce rates are lowest in the following professions:
  • Media & communication equipment workers -- 0% divorce rate
  • Agricultural engineers -- 1.78% divorce rate
  • Optometrists -- 4.01% divorce rate
  • Transit and railroad police -- 5.26% divorce rate
  • Clergy -- 5.61% divorce rate
  • Directors of religious activity -- 5.88% divorce rate
  • Sales engineers -- 6.61% divorce rate
  • Podiatrists -- 6.81% divorce rate
  • Nuclear engineers -- 7.29% divorce

Portrait of a farmer [unidentified], [ca. 1910]
John Boyd
Archives of Ontario, I0003403

In case you are wondering about the opposite, most divorce-prone professions, here's a link for more information. I have to admit, these are riveting statistics, if true.

My angle is that marriage, in its essence, is the relationship between two private people. Individually, as far as the people we know, relationships aren't really any of our business, unless we are called upon as marriage counselors (as few of us are). So it's wise to steer clear with casual judgments about marriages and help let marriages keep their inscrutable mystery and ineffable romance. 

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