Thursday, September 30, 2010

Whitman's Forgetfulness Hits Home in California

Nicky Diaz and Meg Whitman, courtesy Daily Beast

Now I don't live in California, but who isn't mesmerized by a rich lady running as Governor of California who claims she will be unbiased to workers because she spent USD$100 million of her own dollars on her campaign? If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Unfortunately, this fairy tale is being tarnished by the tears of Meg Whitman's former housemaid/nanny of ten years who claims Ms. Whitman dropped her completely and suddenly with the revelation her papers were not in order...after 10 years of household, personal service.

How credible will the polygraph Ms. Whitman "volunteers" to have be? Meaningless. Polygraphs are always voluntary in the U.S. That girl's tears told me more than I wanted to hear when I saw the clip on television. Her noted women's rights attorney, Gloria Allred, wouldn't support just anyone. 

If Meg Whitman is not expert enough on immigration to know the legal status of her household help, God help California. How on earth she got this issue wrong, I can't fathom.

Of course, I could be mistaken and this housemaid incident might be fake.  I am also aware that the entire issue is probably being promoted and funded by Whitman's opposition. At the same time, this is not trivial; just think of former female Supreme Court nominees denied the chance to serve because of immigration issues of their former employees.

Democrat, Republican, doesn't matter to me, but ignorance on the matter of legal immigration by any former CEO running for Governor is just shocking to me, and inexcusable. Whitman clearly must have been totally clueless and lax about legal immigration compliance at eBay when she was CEO, too. She should have had the knowledge of  immigration paperwork down pat, or at least the basic legalities.

Why is she only now making a show of cleaning up her act, when she probably doesn't really need a nanny after all, anymore at this point? With all her millions, she could have shown more class and offered the lady a pension. She also should have checked the nanny's legal status as a starter, which would have taken a minute ten years ago. Too late now.

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