Friday, September 10, 2010

Dream On

A dream is an answer to a question we haven't learned to ask
~Fox Mulder in The X-Files~

WE Dream in fragments. We feel good if a dream is vivid, continuous and happy. Dreams are beneficial in very many ways: they help make connections in thoughts unresolved during your waking hours; they make emotions reappear about a certain issue, and solve challenges that may have been haunting waking hours. Dream-filled sleep can provide the healing healthfulness to move forward from loss, hardship and sorrow. Dreams can warn of threats or bring to the surface important matters forgotten during conscious busy hours.

Sometimes it takes a waking reality to interpret dreams, especially concerning hope, fear and deprivation. But dreams can open up the possibilities of deeper, hidden meanings, especially if kept and thoughtfully considered over time in a journal. Many creative people assert they work better after an effective sleep.

Consider what gives you better sleep. Having an exhausting day is sure to induce sleep, dream-filled or not. For many, having a good mattress, a quiet room and nice surroundings provide the sleep hygiene they need. But it goes further than that to how healthy and comfortable the body feels, and having a pre-sleep routine helps create relaxation and peace.

Aren't dreams strange? I hope you all have happy dreams tonight. Here's a nice soporific photo of a rainbow chosen to symbolize hope of a better world tomorrow.

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