Thursday, September 30, 2010

America Invites Hostility With Immigration Laws

Here's another angle to the American immigration issue. I have a friend who gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to a major East Coast private school here after her five children attended the school. Now, however, she's not allowed into the country because she overstayed her visa. She also dropped a lot of money on real estate here, and she can't get to her properties.

To be sure, America doesn't want to be accused of giving priority of access to rich people. At the same time, in many areas of American life such as entrance to elite American prep schools, money screams. In cities, those with money get more respect (just tell me they don't) and likely in the country, too. Money is the most important determinant of the celebrated American quality of life.

The point is that a government that allows a school to accept foreign donations, shouldn't  allow that school to accept the money with one hand, and push away the donor with the other. If the money is accepted by a school, then it is a gift, to be sure; no one  disputes the  high value of my friend's gift to the school.  American laws now allow schools to accept donations by foreigners. And American society allows foreign investments in real estate without allowing access to the country. That's like taking free food for dinner  from a donor who isn't good enough to sit with you and eat it. It doesn't make sense. Something tells me America's behind the curve on immigration. Just where to draw the line is not my concern here.

If she feels angry at America, I would not find her sentiments unjustified in the least.

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