Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Superior Diet: Varied and Lean to Protect Your Health

An article in today's Wall Street Journal, Not So Young at Heart? by Ron Winslow has important news on the topic of heart disease. New research from a 20-year study involving 3,258 people, 18-30 years of age, found that the cumulative effect of even modestly abnormal cholesterol heightens your risk of developing telltale signs of heart disease by age 45. LDL levels should be below 70, whereas current national guidelines consider LDL below 100 optimal.

As my recently recommended book, Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by C.B. Esselstyn M.D. tells, national cholesterol levels are far too high at  200 and should be below 150. Rip Esselstyn, C.B. Esselstyn's son, has a book, Engine 2 Diet, with lots of tasty recipes and exercises to help reduce your cholesterol and LDL.

The China Study by T. Colin Campbell  tells the same news with a convincing case for a varied diet of plant-based fruits, vegetables and whole grains. This recent research taken from long studies of the Chinese population reinforces the need for more strictness in the American diet, as far as cutting back on oils, is concerned, along with the need for a vegan diet,  one without dairy, eggs and meats, fish, white flour foods. This is a diet that can be extremely challenging to follow if one eats out a lot or with others not on the diet, but the rewards make it well worth following: to have more energy, a settled digestive system, and it could push cancer away and save your heart. Diet does all this! 
Warning: These books are extremely persuasive.

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