Monday, July 12, 2010

Washington's National Cathedral Thrives Amid Sweltering Heat

Washington, D.C.'s National Cathedral had another wonderful service last Sunday, July 11, 2010, with The Very Reverend Samuel Lloyd III giving the sermon. It can be viewed online at the National Cathedral website. The service leaflet is also available, and can be followed at the same time. Many wonderful old hymns, many of them my personal favorites were sung, and the service was very satisfying to see.

 Hyfrydol's "Love divine, all loves excelling" is one of my especial favorites. I always love to hear the "Presentation Acclamation" : "We gather at your table, Lord: we humbly lift our hearts to you! Here all are welcomed, all restored, and all are given work to do."

This month, the new Cathedral Provost, The Rev. Timothy Boggs, has participated in services as well. The music played throughout by Michael McCarthy, Director of Music, finished with the Allegro Maestoso by L.Vierne.  All the service can be heard and enjoyed online, a great new resource offered by the National Cathedral. Please give generously to the nation's National Cathedral.

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