Friday, July 30, 2010

It's So Simple To Google: A Quick Review

Weather: type weather followed by zipcode or city name. weather by itself gives you weather in your current location. weather princeton

Local Businesses: type location followed by category of business e.g. new york beads

Flight tracker: for flight status, type name of airline and flight number e.g. aa 3

Currency Conversion: type in e.g. 10 USD in GBP

Unit Conversion: type in desired conversion e.g. 4 lbs in kg

Movie Times: movies automatically shows movies near you, or showtimes for nearby theaters remembered by the computer from a previous search.

Sport Scores: for scores and schedules, type team or league name e.g. dallas cowboys

Dictionary: type define and the word e.g. define desire

Time: type in time and name of city e.g. time new york

Stock Quotes: Simply type in the ticker name e.g. GOOG with more inside from Google Finance etc.

Calculator: type in equation e.g. 16/20

Earthquakes: type in earthquakes for recent activity

Cooking Conversions: type in e.g. 2 cups in ounces

Fill in the blank: start a sentence e.g. Ronald Reagan died or (name of business) tel. (for a telephone number)

Package Tracking: type in tracking number from UPS, Fedex or USPS directly e.g. ABCDE123

Area Codes and Zip Codes: simply type in numbers e.g. 12345

Mortgage Rates: google mortgage rates

Public Data: For population trends and unemployment rates: type either one and then location e.g. population New Jersey or unemployment rates NJ.

Courtesy: Google Tips

Please comment and add more of your favorite searches.

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