Monday, June 14, 2010

Training a Child Quickly in One Weekend

Here are some time-tested suggestions to help train your child. Life gets easier after the diapers are off and everyone can finally relax. Just look ahead and think of how soon your little genius could graduate from Princeton. Every kid has to do this!

1) Most important: listen to your child. Your child will  show readiness and let you know when  it is time to take off diapers. You will notice a consciousness over actions in many ways. A child won't rush to take diapers off, so it's time to gently assert and suggest. Don't even think  of taking a child off diapers before evidence of muscle control is clear, except as a dream. That would be a losing battle.

2) When it is time to potty-train, plan a quiet weekend a little ahead in which this will be your major focus. Admittedly, it will not be your most public event of the year, but if done with sensitivity, potty-training generally can be initiated, if not fully achieved, fairly quickly, in an evening, day, or weekend. The most important aspect is the bond of understanding the child needs to make of the connection between the urge and the action.

3) Before the weekend, prepare the child by explaining your plan, and showing what will happen in steps. Doesn't hurt to give a child time to get used to the idea.  A small plastic seat placed on top of a toilet seat is helpful to a baby.

4) Let your child know the most important thing in this designated special weekend for all of the family will be potty-training. (This may take some creative truth-stretching)...

5) When the promised and planned weekend comes,  discuss the topic and perhaps dramatically cast aside those diapers  for the child. Stay close to the potty at all times, at least for a few hours, to provide security and assistance so that your child's requests will be heard and followed. Be sure the baby realizes the connection between not having diapers and aiming into the potty.

6) Praise your baby profusely, with any signs of success. Celebrate after it's done, and the training is successful.  You all will deserve it.

It's enough to make me wonder who needs potty training more, the parents doing the training or the babies trying to help the parents training them?

Please comment or email and let me know if these suggestions worked for you...

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