Saturday, May 1, 2010

"Open Your Heart" Photo Project: Useful!

We all have our own favorite places. We love to live in them. Perhaps, we love to visit them. But all of us have somewhere we love to be, even if they are, sadly, only in our memories.

What makes a place wonderful for you? What lifts your heart? Is it the furnishings? Is it the memories of the good times you had there? Is it a private space or a public space, an art gallery or an office?

The internet gives you the chance to create photo albums of some of your favorite spots. It's a worthwhile personal project to do to gather pictures of places. You could make files of places you would like to live. These are probably different from places you would like to visit, for some places we would want to take only in short stretches. There are realistic places you might live, if you were looking for a place to live.

This project could be useful. If you have made pictures of your favorite places, you will be able to flip through these photos to show a realtor before you look at a property to buy or rent.

If you are going to design a house, you could make a collection of photos of rooms you would like to duplicate in your own situation. Architects and interior designers find them useful. In the meantime, it is a nice to keep in your mind. Only you know whom you love and what you love.

On the other hand, we sometimes want to visit places without owning them. We also want to be reminded of places we have been but can't go to again that we loved. The internet is full of photos of people and places we will not ever see again in real life in the remainder of our lifetimes. The point is, the internet is useful to warehouse photos and customize your collections, not that it's a new idea, but it can be expanded. Here is a list of interior design blogs to start you on a design project:

Of course, there is room (no pun intended) for evil if this project is overdone. Conceivably, burglars and murderers collect photos from the internet, too.

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