Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Synopsis of My Manuscript---"When Love Is Enough"

Here's a synopsis of my 68,000 word manuscript, tentatively entitled --

                                                 "WHEN LOVE IS ENOUGH"

Biz Parker, a beautiful, successful famous television financial journalist meets prominent artist James Deephart at a party she gives for her friends, family and co-workers. James is on a visit to the East Coast from England, and is so attracted to her he gives her an unexpectedly mind-blowing kiss as he leaves her party. He is not the best person for Biz to become involved with, although he's successfully planted the idea. Biz hasn't ever dated an unconventional artist, although he is well-known in the art world. She has long had a lackluster relationship with a family-known friend.

James meets her again in London and again impresses her with his warm personality and an intimate kiss. Biz is very sad, misses him and wants to see him again. Their instant mutual physical attraction quickly becomes a relationship of exclusivity and love. They continue to communicate and he goes to see her in Paris after her traumatic, delayed flight from Heathrow Airport.

Their romantic lives become increasingly intertwined, and luckily, James has a more flexible schedule than her previous boyfriend. While Biz thinks this is a very impractical relationship, the two can't seem to stop themselves from wanting more of each other's company and planning to be together again.

They have another visit with each other over the Christmas holidays in America and another while Biz has business in Italy. Everywhere she goes, especially while traveling, she becomes aware of being watched and followed. Her career advances well and she enjoys her friendships with girlfriends, all of whom have interesting employment and concerns of their own which we explore.

We meet Biz's friends and families in the northeastern United States. Dr. Sandy MacMillan, an unmarried computer scientist is a serial dater, although she has a problem admitting it even to herself. Quick to lead in her chosen profession, why is she so reluctant to decide on a romantic match? Dr. Tina Earle, a married diet doctor faces personal challenges with her husband and professional challenges as she raises a child. Heather Duke is a married writer who accommodates her writing career to suit her family and pays a heavy emotional price.

In Athens, Greece, for a meeting, Biz ends her financial relationship for good with her former deceitful boyfriend. Then she is abducted in a restaurant by a previous acquaintance and almost murdered. Luckily, she has been under surveillance by her employer who rescues her. Biz feels betrayed by the surveillance she has been under for her own safety and is very conflicted about her protective employer and her life. She wants to continue her career, although perhaps at a different company, and decides her relationship with James, despite significant obstacles, is worth keeping because he is helpful to her and loves her. They love each other, and hope that love is enough.

The novel explores the importance of financial support and geographical challenges as they relate to romantic relationships. Romantic suspense intersects with financial, healthcare and technology topics of general current interest. Socially relevant issues such as control of personal finances, gender disparities, role expectations and healthcare experiences are openly discussed. We watch these four women face work overload, loneliness and geographical separations from their loves ones. Emotional and psychological growth stories transform these four vibrant, intelligent free-thinking American women. Their challenges potentially reshape our own attitudes. Through them we learn an array of psychological and philosophical risk management strategies.

Coming soon!

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