Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Proof: Slushees Cool The Body Better Than Cold Water Or Hot Tea

Yes, indeed, at least before going outside on a hot day, says an interesting article in the New York Times by science writer Gina Kolata called "To Beat the Heat, Drink a Slushie First." Drinks variously called slushes, slurries, slushies, or slushees, made of crushed particles of ice and syrup are useful at cooling the body on hot days. Best news yet, this advice has the approval of a study in the Official Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine. In the study, "those who drank the slurry " hit a heart rate of 185 beats per minute ten minutes later than those who drank cold water.

While the article mentions how useful these drinks would be for sports team players and exercisers, the advice could usefully extend to anyone who stands outside for an hour on a hot day, or to northerners who arrive in the tropics and experience sudden excessive heat, despite the danger of "brain freeze" or "ice-cream" headaches.

This proof would debunk the erroneous idea that hot tea keeps the body cooler as many believe. It would be nice to have scientific proof that hot drinks likewise warm the body if taken before an hour outside (shoveling snow perhaps) on a freezing cold day. (Certainly it's more welcome to see slush in a tumbler in the heat than unexpectedly on the road in a white-out as happened to me last month!)

Odd the name of such a pleasurable drink is spelled so many ways in English.


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