Sunday, February 14, 2010

Most Find Airline Seats Narrow Enough

TIME Magazine
Many of us are wider than the seventeen inches allowed by airlines per customer. It shouldn't surprise anyone to hear complaints. While I don't include myself amongst those with a need for two seats, I can see how boxed-in airlines make passengers feel.

When I heard about a passenger recently denied a seat on a Southwest flight because he supposedly needed two, I felt for him. Airlines, along with other forms of public transportation, have not successfully solved the challenge. Seventeen inches per seat is a little narrow now when most people have hip sizes over forty inches.  The reality is we're not all as fit and trim as airlines expect.

If airlines act unexpectedly, the public learns fast. No one wants to waste good money. For instance, I will likely not buy an extra seat for a baby in the future because after an airline overbooked I had to give up the paid-for space. Now this is more like it! Plenty of room to change a baby from the look of it.

Thanks for visiting. Please leave comments if airlines have acted unexpectedly to you, not that I can do A to Z about it, but who will know unless you say something?

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