Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Here's A Nutty Women's Issue


In Taiwan skimpily clad ladies, in small numbers, sell betel nuts.  Feminists affirm the habit degrades women. Health officials say the nut causes oral cancer. Local officials call the 'betel nut culture'  "low-class and vulgar" and environmentalists complain the cash-crop is over-planted and causes soil erosion.

Despite these assertions, it looks like the secret is out.  "T-Life" - a magazine distributed free to train riders - listed betel nut beauties as one of the top five attractions of the Hsinchu, Taiwan area. A spokesperson at Hsinchu station asserts: "Personally, I think it's inappropriate," to tout betel nut beauties. "We should respect different cultures and different points of view, but I wouldn't encourage visitors to see betel nut girls."

Now we all can see them in some extraordinary photos. More information is here in a radio interview script at thelinguist.com.

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