Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Heavy Internet Use: Brain Sharpener or Mental Illness?

Does heavy internet use lead to depression or do the depressed, whom this study calls "mentally ill" tend to overuse the internet?

Perhaps depression happens if one focuses too long on almost anything, but to call it "mental illness" isn't fair, and goes too far, to my mind. Following that line of thought, doing the same of anything repeatedly for hours and hours could lead to depression and "mental illness." Blaming the internet is misplaced and notably unhelpful.

Surfing the internet with a high-speed connection is a thought-intensive activity. Competing studies confirm that brain function in the elderly improves through surfing the internet according to this UCLA study...

I would bet in favor of the internet, that surfing sharpens the brain functions, not just of the elderly, but of all.

Are you skeptical the internet affects brain function at all? Does it depress or help? Please leave your comments.

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