Sunday, November 22, 2009

Love Motivates Cure for Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a disease that hits mostly women in the prime of life. While it can happen at any time, it usually begins in the twenties and thirties. It generally leads patients and their families to make wrenching changes in their lives.

One Doctor Believes He's Cured His Wife Of MS in Italy

Hard as it may be to believe of an illness with such longstanding and entrenched financial interests,  some doctors are cautiously optimistic that a quick surgical cure may have been found. One woman in Italy has been very fortunate to have had a doctor husband who may have cured her according to this article in Toronto's Globe and Mail linked here.

This article gives me hope for all the people and their families who've been hit with multiple sclerosis. It's in the category of "why didn't they think of this before?"

It's convincing enough to me that  if I had MS I would consider dropping everything to get it done. It should make the doctor who invented the cure a Nobel Prize winner if it works. Widespread adoption obviously requires the education and acceptance of doctors and patients. It's nothing short of miraculous and should be adopted instantly by doctors around the world. There aren't many reasons not to do the procedure, as it appears to require only a short surgery.

Let's hope that doctors and drug and insurance companies and all the entrenched financial interests adopt it, if it proves to work.  My big question to them is, how would they feel if it happened to them or their children? Wouldn't they want to know about a quick operation they could have instead of enduring years of  disability?

Interesting and disruptive, if true

Remember what lasers have done for surgery? Progress can  happen quickly in medicine. Implementation and education take years. If you or a loved one has MS,  then this is a surgery you should demand to learn more about. The conventional practice of doctors always favors caution. But it would be a pity for 2.5 million MS sufferers worldwide if this miraculous surgical discovery died with this Italian doctor, his wife and his lucky local patients. This discovery is obviously in the best interests of MS patients.

Since this story isn't being reported by major American news outlets, I apologize if this surgical cure turns out to be a flash in the pan. But I think MS patients deserve to have  knowledge and hope, however false it may turn out for them and wherever it comes from, and consider all of their sources of news.

UPDATE 11/30/09 - Here's a link to a Science Daily article with more of this MS news. Be sure to read about an exciting new study.

This post is dedicated to my friend Jill. 

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