Thursday, October 15, 2009

Youtube's Most Viewed, Most Subscribed Young Stars

This post highlights a changing aspect of today's advertisement world. Marketers are sending packages to Youtube stars in their teens to thirties to bundle ads into their videologs or vlogs to reach their Youtube subscribers. Since stand-alone Youtube commercials aren't being widely watched, many advertisers have jumped in in an effort to connect to this youthful demographic on their turf. It's not clear whether these subscribers have time to watch entire video segments, being teenagers, mostly middle-schoolers and high-schoolers, when they probably should be doing homework. Ads skilfully targeted through these vloggers can reach that group more effectively than any other medium at this time. Total views and current subscriber figures are astounding.

Herewith is my list of Youtube stars with the most subscriptions (in order) and most lifetime views to help keep you up-to-date. These numbers (from two days ago) also could indicate repeat watching of the same video by the same viewer. I hear that current "subscribers" are a good indicator of popularity and have taken an intersecting group of "most subscribed" and all time "most viewed". It's not clear how long these videos have been on the internet.


1)nigahiga: 45 Videos---185,948,187 Views---1,550,143 Subscribers

2)Fred: 47 Videos---375,239,627 Views---1,433,658 Subscribers

3) Smosh: 90 Videos---292,927,887 Views---1,100,019 Subscribers

4) Shane Dawson: 71 Videos--- 108,128,253 Views---822,974-Subscribers to ShaneDawsonTV and 484,892-Subscribers to ShaneDawsonTV2

5) sxephil: 376 Videos---207,338,150 Views---680,478 Subscribers

6) Dave Days: 56 Videos---114,906,519 Views---602,009 Subscribers

7) venetian princess: 103 Videos---139,564,013 Views---600,217 Subscribers

8) what the buck show: 370 Videos---141,542,661 Views--- 587,653 Subscribers

9) it's chris cocker: 138 Videos---154,836,752 Views---260,355 Subscribers

10) nalts: 835 Videos---101,666,859 Views---149,329 Subscribers

11) The Station, a group of vloggers: "what a day, deryck", Dave Days, Bdonski, Kassem G, Lisanova, Shane Dawson, Philly D., Shay Carl, HiImRawn.: 17 Videos---6,893,347 Views---463,633 Subscribers

12) Community channel: 182 Videos---152,405,352 Views--- 431,858 Subscribers

Here are some other favorites of my experts not in any particular order:

kevjumba, make me bad, waste time chasing cars, livelavalive, charles trippy, charlie is so cool like, supermac 18, swift karate chop,
Barats & Bereta

Here's a longer list of vlogger celebrities and their names in Wikipedia.

These are astoundingly high numbers of youth viewers. My apologies to all deserving Youtube stars that were unintentionally left out or if my numbers are incorrect. My mistake. These stars are famous to their own crowd.

To many teenagers these stars surpass television and movie stars in impact and awesomeness. For example, mileymandy is Miley Cyrus's vlog and doesn't rank in the top twenty favorites of my friendly teenage experts, yet Miley Cyrus herself is possibly the hottest television and movie teen star.

Some of these stars are paid by Youtube and many advertise within their videos, sometimes imperceptibly. What is rather disconcerting is that unlike, say, television commercials which are visually and contextually different from the shows they sponsor, these stars are advertising whatever they like or received (in boxes by courier, most likely) from advertisers. It's sometimes not clear if they received company products, if they were paid or not unless they say so. Even then, can they be trusted?

These top vloggers aren't people I've met personally and I can't recommend them or their videos firsthand, as they aren't in my league, shall we say. These are the choices of my experts by my request. Most of them came to last July's 789Gathering in Central Park attended by young vloggers I know.

Thanks to this post, I have discovered "expert village" since it has done 138,951 videos with 821,617,621 views, the second most viewed Youtube channel after "Universal Music Group" in the #1 spot and Sony Music in #3. Hadn't noticed it 'til now. It has lots of worthwhile how-to videos. Now if only there were more time to watch them.

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