Monday, October 26, 2009

Women's Well-being Affects Men's Living Standards

Tea Lady in Khartoum

Social attitudes are difficult and slow to change. Laws determine the status of women, but laws reflect social attitudes and can change. Attitudes to women are amongst the most difficult and intractable barriers to change that any country faces. The old laws were made by men for men. Here's a truism: when men help women get ahead, men's standards of living rise. It's as simple as that.

What women in every country need:

1. Clean water. For without water, we can't live. Women all around the world agree that clean water is our most urgent #1 priority.

2. Medical care and good food. Women need to be healthy to work.

3. Respect and consideration. We are all more alike than we are different.

4. Education.
a)--The more free education the better.
b)--It's better to give it away free than not to give it away at all.
c)--With education, women can create better jobs for others.

5. Money. Women need financing (money) to create more jobs.

With more money, women can pay for whatever they need and a whole virtuous cycle begins. Society will progress and standards of living will improve for everyone. Societies can't progress if women are held back. Men's standards of living will only improve if women have an easier and better life. That's why the status --the social positions --and well-being of women are very important.

Why don't you try to help women get ahead today? Now is a good time.

When women are happy, everyone is happier.

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