Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fractal Art by Cornelia Yoder

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Last weekend at a show near Flemington, New Jersey, Cornelia Yoder displayed her beautiful, intricately-detailed artwork. She uses mathematical theorems to create unique pictures and tiles. Her fine pieces of art look rather photographic and tend to be quite colorful. Her website, corneliayoder.com is linked here.

In her art, there are layers of "tiny spirals embedded in the larger ones." She claims to like "the challenge of harmoniously blending colors into unusual shapes" and loves "the combination of experimentation and serendipity that play equal roles in giving a new image its unique beauty."

Her pictures are attracting serious collectors of art. Fractal art developed after
Benoit Mandelbrot's mathematical discovery of fractals around 1982.

In case you want to add a slideshow to your computer -- to brighten your screen when you're talking on the phone or away from your desk, you might want to consider having Cornelia Yoder's fractal art. The photo above can be enlarged when clicked. Here's a demo I noticed: Permanent Treasures, and there isn't any financial connection, except for the tile pictured above that I bought.

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