Saturday, September 5, 2009

On The Power of State Government Politics

In a previous post about the former North Carolina Governor's wife I questioned whether there might be any connection between her husband's position and her new position at North Carolina State University. Here is a blog post that would appear to show that there really would appear to be a very strong connection...

Carrington Brings Out Truth In Mary Easley's 88% Raise

Did your hackles rise as much as ours when Mary Easley (left) received her 88% pay raise at NC State University?

Apparently Don Carrington's did. He was so annoyed, he uncovered the truth. Now Carrington has them all cornered.

Today, he's reporting in the Carolina Journal Online, that the provost of NCSU, Larry Nielsen, says he acted alone in hiring her. But Carrington's investigation of the matter reveals a conflict of interest due to the Governor's longtime friendship with NCSU Board of Trustees chairman, D. Queen Campbell.

Turns out that Campbell sold the Gub a sweetheart of a deal on a beach house at Cannonsgate on the Crystal Coast.

In return, it appears that Easley gave Campbell an appointment to the NCSU Board of Trustees. And, in return for that, Campbell gave Easley's wife a nice job, and then an 88% raise recently.

Will there be an official investigation regarding a conflict of interest and ethics violation? Probably not, until Carrington forces them to do so, as usual.

Looks like the Carolinas can't say that New Jersey (this blogger's home state) has a corner on sleaziness, ethics violations, conflicts of interest and so on in state government since state government is where taxes go and disappear. The point is that state governments have so much power, and abusing that power bothers me wherever it happens.

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