Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Information Overload: Cellphones With Twitter

It’s not possible today, but the emergence of more powerful, media-centric cellphones is accelerating humanity toward this vision of “augmented reality,” where data from the network overlays your view of the real world. Already, developers are creating augmented reality applications and games for a variety of smartphones, so your phone’s screen shows the real world overlaid with additional information such as the location of subway entrances, the price of houses, or Twitter messages that have been posted nearby


Before you know it, that tourist whizzing by in a car, train or plane next to your home could know more about you than you will ever know, or might feel comfortable with. A new sort of voyeuristic stalking could happen in this world of unintended consequences. It would take "spying on the neighbors" and perhaps even terrorism, homegrown or not, to a whole new level. Can and should lawmakers do anything about this now before the technology is widespread?

Consumers haven't any say over what's bundled into electronics, and can't make them to order. Electronics just become ever more complicated and privacy is often uncertain. It takes many years for legal actions to follow complaints of abuse and for lawmakers to catch up to legal actions.

How much anonymity should a twitterer or blogger expect? Probably not much.

Dear Reader, do you think twitters should be added to cellphones?

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Thanks to Monika for bringing this good idea to my attention.

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