Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bombshell News

Grizzly Bay: Barbarians for Palin (Original unedited photo)

Republican Sarah Palin's abandoning Alaska's Governorship.

Would Alaskans have elected her had she warned them while running for office that she might quit being a first-term Governor a year-and-a-half early?

Supposedly for their own good, she's giving up her title. Her term will be incomplete for personal reasons, no doubt.

Every Governor who, for sure, doesn't want to run again becomes a lame duck halfway through first term and can resign rather than keep the job merely to hold the title. Sounds like there needs to be a new law to stop lame duck politicians from quitting.

Her "reasons for leaving" come across as petulant and tired. She's cute enough, and I think that's why cameras continue focusing on her and her beautiful state, rarely known for "big news". Her constituents call her the "Ice Queen". Palin preaches but has lost her moral compass as she rarely gives others credit in her speeches. I would characterize her as lucky and assertive rather than talented as some say. She's said to be narcissistic by Purdum in Vanity Fair, and now London's Daily Telegraph is calling her a joke, and selfish.

Ann Coulter

In the same way, photogenic Republican Ann Coulter comes across as a debater while looking like a Viking Norsewoman with long, slender arms, and long, blond hair. But what a viper with her words.

Republicans are sounding like extremists now. Democrats are making so much more sense and speaking up about our daily concerns.

Just as the Republicans won over an entire generation in the early eighties, so the Democrats are now winning over this generation completely (from NPR). Republicans are pulling at straws, desperately grasping, reacting negatively and fighting, fighting, fighting about nearly everything.

This shocking political resignation takes our attention away from the unpleasant challenges of roadside bombs, booby traps and dangerous blindness in the newest military initiative in Afghanistan. With all the intensive high tech advantages and accumulated knowledge of the superior American military, low tech random attacks from the enemy side are achieving more than their share of surprises.

America needs to refocus. There is actual fighting going on -- in Afghanistan, being paid for with tax dollars.

Who are our fallen heroes and how did they fall? How expensive is this war ultimately going to be?

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