Sunday, June 14, 2009


In case the next table is illegible, here is a summary of tips to help fine tune searches. Try changing search words from:

"how 2"-----to-----"how might one"

"when was"-----to-----"in which year"

"when do"-----to-----"under what condition(s)"

"how did the"---to-----"in what way did the"

"why"--------to--------"for what reasons"


Maybe a directory of search tips is what's needed, or maybe Google could help suggest stock search phrases the way it offers spelling corrections with each search. What search has to do with "intelligence" is not clear. Perhaps saying "faster" and "slower", or "more" and "less" effective would have conveyed the same point without controversy. For example, when we want a phone number, usually we just want the quickest and easiest way to get it.

Sometimes searching brings many interesting results to focus that wouldn't ever have been found except by accident. Who knows how many innovations of the future will be discovered on search engines?

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