Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pop Culture Website Review: whereitsat.com

If you're a movie buff, there's a nice map of American movie locations to see at a great new website, "Where It's At," whereitsat.com.

It's a fascinating map that shows where a smattering of movies, television shows and areas of pop culture interest were originally shot. You can see the photo and location showing where Napoleon Dynamite's high school was actually shot at Preston, Idaho, Dallas' Southfork Ranch, the Grey's Anatomy Hospital and so on. The site only covers locations in the United States, but it's fun and educational to browse and zoom in.

"House" the hospital series was filmed supposedly in the "Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital". As it happens, a new Princeton hospital is currently being built in Plainsboro. The aerial view often seen on the show is of Princeton University, the area around the Frist Campus Center. Oddly, the only Ivy League without a medical school was chosen to have one on a television show.

The movie Transformers was partly made here in Princeton. We actually saw Shia LeBeouf and others in Princeton while the movie was being made a year ago, 2008. It's thrilling seeing a movie being filmed, and it often happens here in Princeton, even if that fact isn't shown on this site.

Nevertheless, this site is highly recommended and will, it is hoped, be expanded in the future.

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