Thursday, April 9, 2009

For the Technophile

There's an interesting video here in The New York Times today to show where Silicon Valley got hardware parts. Halted, is now called HSC and is here:

3500 Ryder Street
Santa Clara, California 95051
Sales staff email:
(408) 732-1573
(408) 732-6428 FAX
Hours: Mon - Fri 8AM - 7PM, Sat 9AM - 5PM

Haltek Specialties Company, on Steve Jobs' receipt pictured above, has various addresses online. The owner told me today that Haltek split off and is now out-of-business as it has been for ten years. Comments, please.

For anyone at all interested in visiting these stores near Stanford, California, here is an undated website with more stores to visit.

When I have time, I'll check them out. Promise. I love to shop.

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